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Pre-New Year's Mailbag Thread!

Alabama's style isn't the problem

Quick Thoughts: Virginia gets turned over, while Indiana plays every game the same

The UConn Huskies have been fantastic champions

Is Michigan State in permanent decline?

You can totally ignore the NET

Quick Thoughts: Kansas becomes the storm

Virginia feels like Virginia again

Saint Mary's is why every game matters

UConn is utterly terrifying again

Quick Thoughts: Indiana is a mess

Kentucky fans got their program back

Villanova fans should brace themselves

Thoughts on the first great night of the season

College basketball is back, so let's overreact

Bob Knight was my dad

Louisville stares into the abyss

Reece Beekman is being wildly disrespected, All-American snubs, sleeper teams, Tucker DeVries, the best noncon games and more

Preseason mailbag! Post your questions here

Collected thoughts on preseason ephemera

You don't have to care about players getting paid anymore

Indiana vs. Kentucky is back because Mike Woodson is chill

Is Indiana being slept on?

Everyone was wrong about Dennis Gates

Trentyn Flowers and the pluses of paternalism

College basketball is in a fantastic spot

What can Jordan Minor be for Virginia?

The NCAA Tournament is now under threat

Buzzer 'Bag: What the Pac-12's death means for NCAA Tournament selection, Virginia's defense, and the inaugural All-Eamonn team

Mailbag time! Submit your questions here

Matt Painter is going to win a national title

How long will the ACC survive?

The Instant Pot problem

Is Ryan Dunn the next De'Andre Hunter?

In depth on Virginia's new look roster, with an assist from Jason Williford

What should Louisville fans expect?

Buzzer 'Bag: The best program to never win a title, Purdue is the new Virginia, mega-conference schedules, and what GMs do

Mailbag thread: Submit your questions here

Conference realignment is a moral hole

Maybe UConn should go to the Big 12

The Conference of Champions is dead

Play more of the games on campus

There's no stopping NIL now

Hunter Dickinson's odd idea of courage

Kentucky's preseason shot charts are hot

Is Reece Beekman a star?

Bob Huggins lights his legacy on fire

Buzzer 'Bag: The spring's best hires, the state of the portal and Maryland's contender status

UConn should stay in the Big East

Mineral Area College is so back

The first Buzzer mailbag thread is open to all

The transfer portal is optional

How much better did Kentucky just get?

Free Will Wade

Bob Huggins and the fine line

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